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Chelsea Byers - Executive Director


Advisory Council

Elena Christopoulos is a scientist and sustainability expert with 20 years of expertise as an Energy and Political Consultant who “walks the talk of sustainability.”
She is the Principal of ECMC and in early 2000; she implemented the first urban wind turbine in North America. Located in downtown Toronto, it took more than 250 homes off the power grid. She also created the first feed-in- tariff program to support this effort. Last year, Elena was named Toronto’s Woman of the Year for her work designing and implementing wind turbines and solar arrays in Canada, Greece, Germany, England, and the US. She travels between the US, Canada, and Europe working on and speaking about diverse alternative energy, clean tech and water
conservation projects.
Elena is a strong advocate for women as a mentor, peer, colleague and friend. As a woman with a career in #STEM It is her goal to increase the number of female environmental scientists from 28% to 50% over her lifetime and to continue to develop #STEM programs. She is a Board Member of the YMCA in Santa Monica, past President of the UNA-USA
Pasadena Chapter, Commissioner on the Status of Women with the City of Santa Monica and the Founder and President of the Santa Monica Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA).
Ms. Christopoulos is a rape survivor and became a Commissioner on the Status of Women, with the City of Santa Monica to give a voice to women who do not have one, for the women whose life was taken from them for the women who were sexually assaulted at schools, at their homes, on public transportation, this unfortunate list goes on. She hopes to continue the dialogue about rape culture and to one day put an end to it. She is also an Advisory Board Member of Peace Over Violence. “I believe survivors; your stories and I stand with you and support you. It is time that this becomes the new normal. Thank you to all who have
supported me. I appreciate and love you.”